How Indoor Plants Promote Health

indoor plants promote health propagate cuttings grow in water

Plants reduce pollution and help us breathe better

Indoor air pollution is generally a consequence of toxic emissions from synthetic building materials, airborne moulds, viruses and pollutants, along with energy efficient construction making spaces as airtight as possible, which reduces the air circulation. These contributors release toxic emissions such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene.

These compounds can be found in almost every home. Most wall paints, rubbers, vinyl, laminates, computer parts and plastics all break down over time and release compounds into the air we breathe. The good news is, we can improve our indoor air quality with plants. Plants absorb harmful toxins, breaking them down into gentle byproducts.

In a process called 'photosynthesis' houseplants improve air quality through the simple act of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with oxygen. They do this during daylight hours.  At night the reverse happens but fortunately for us oxygen breathers, plants produce approximately ten times more oxygen during the day than what they consume at night.  More oxygen in the home leads to improved health and can result in a better night's sleep!

They can also humidify the air which helps with skin and respiratory issues through the process of transpiration. Transpiration refers to water movement through plants and subsequent evaporation of the water from their leaves, stems and flowers. Cleaner air leads to a healthier body, which leads a healthier mind! 

Plants release phytoncides

Phytoncides are natural chemicals released by plants, acting as a defence against disease. These compounds work to help protect our immune systems as well as the plants!  

Houseplants are Great for Mental Health

Many studies have shown that humans as a whole are less stressed and generally healthier when they are close to plants. Plants can boost our overall happiness and wellbeing in many ways, some of which are surprising! Here are some reasons why indoor plants are great for our mental health, caring for nature can help us care for ourselves.

Plants promote mindfulness

Studies have shown that the simple act of caring for a plant can help lower blood pressure and calm us down in similar ways to meditation. Watering, pruning and tending to our plants is a welcome distraction from stress and anxieties of work, constant use of technology and general worries. While you're focused on looking after your plants, you're in the present moment and giving your mind a well-earned break from overthinking. 

Plants are our link to the natural world 

Work and general life takes up a big chunk of time for most of us.  So much of our day is spent at computer screens or on our phones, we can end up feeling disconnected from our environment. Houseplants are a great reminder that nature is just outside our doorstep and something we should appreciate, enjoy and care for as much as possible. 

Plants are beautiful to look at

Did you know that even looking out a window at a green space can improve your mental health? Being surrounded by beautiful plants can help us feel better and lift our mood without us even realising, and being happier in your living space can have tangible physiological and emotional effects. 

For more handy tips on how to propagate and grow indoor plants view our blog on growing plants in water.  An easy and fun way to create living, breathing sculptures!

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