People & Planet

Our commitment is to make considered choices with reverence for our planet and with the utmost of care and compassion for people.   


Living Green Decor honours the ‘less is more’ philosophy through slow release, curated collections that build upon the last.  Each new piece is thoughtfully designed to complement items from our previous releases.

We love the idea of collectable not disposable.  Each timeless hand crafted piece is designed for longevity of style, quality and sustainability.  All our homewares are made from naturally sourced raw materials that are biodegradable and ethically procured. 


We deeply honour the incredible makers and artisans behind every treasured piece and we strive to leave the lightest of footprints on our path to a more sustainable way. We face this journey with humility for the enormity of the task ahead; to join forces with the brave others also dreaming for a better future. 

We source items locally in Australia, crafted from the finest raw materials by talented artisans from every corner of this Great Southern Land.  From Victoria, far North Queensland, ruggedly beautiful Tasmania and across to Western Australia.  We also work with ceramicists in Thailand having partnered with a manufacturer renowned for their high quality workmanship and for the care and attention to detail they show throughout the whole making process.  This multi-generational, family run business genuinely strives to treat all their workers with dignity and respect in a safe and clean environment.  The makers are paid a wage that is higher than the living standard and have paid holidays, sick leave and maternity leave, which is of the utmost importance to us. Australia has had a long standing, mutually beneficial free trade agreement with Thailand and as an emerging third world nation we are proud to be able to support this community.

The agreement that commenced on 1 January 2005 was Australia's third free trade agreement. It was Thailand's first comprehensive free trade agreement with a developed country. Two-way trade between Australia and Thailand has more than doubled since TAFTA entered into force.


There’s a reason why Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. The people are always smiling when you see them on the street, at restaurants, the market place and even the police! This is a land with many ethnic groups ranging from Karen tribes to Chinese origins.  You’ll encounter many interesting and exotic cultures, cuisines and architectural styles while traveling through the country from the southern beaches to the mountainous north. 

As creative professionals, we totally appreciate other creative souls and this is something the Thais excel at!  Working in collaboration with the local artisans we have created a range of organically inspired porcelain pieces that are unique and timeless.

Buddhism teaches patience and since Thailand is a mostly Buddhist country, you’ll totally appreciate just how patient Thai people are.  It’s part of why they are so resilient and seem to bounce back from chaotic situations like military coups and political uprisings and from devastating natural disasters such as the 2004 Tsunami; the terrible toll remaining forever etched in our minds and hearts.

Resilient and gracious, Thai culture is respectful of others.  We are proud to be able to support these amazing, gentle people in the land of smiles and we thank you for your patronage.

Thank you - khawp khun


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